How can I visualize the Library's documents?

The Virtual Library content is all in pdf format, therefore it is necessary the existence of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in the machine. This software is free and it can be downloaded here.

What is necessary to access the Media Center content?

The multimedia information contained in the Media Center can be visualized with Microsoft Windows Media Player. This normally comes installed with the operational system Microsoft Windows and its avaliable in diverse versions. If you are using Windows 98, ME or 2000, install version 9.0. But if your system is Windows XP, get Media Player 10.

How can I search for something in this website?

The website www.homeopatia.med.br is tied with Google. Thus, there is available, in the home, two types of search. An inside search, that looks for terms and phrases in the site itself, and another one, general, that associates any typed term with Google's search standard.



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